Vulnerable people (2) December 2017

‘Long time’ as they say in Gambia. Here I am again and currently preparing to visit The Gambia 🇬🇲 for four months from 27th December 2017 to February 2018.

Preparation for this visit has been quite a roller coaster both in practical and emotional ways. Practically there have been the usual holiday preparations i.e booking flights, travel insurance and sorting clothes to wear along with clothes & toys to bring for Gambian friends.

More recently the medical preparations have proved difficult i.e travel vaccinations which resulted in accessing Liverpool of Tropical Medicine. On this occasion I turned a negative into a positive enjoying a day out in a city I hadn’t visited for a while and which held many memories for me.

Arriving at Liverpool Lime St station felt like coming home, a feeling which doesn’t happen to me very often in the u.k. I will write more about Liverpool and all that again.

Travel vaccinations are now updated and I am in the process of obtaining my anti malaria tablets. After two unsuccessful pharmacy visits I have now requested a private prescription from my Doctor which should be ready in two days time. My usual medication has also been requested.

i have packed my 10kg bag with clothes for Gambians (weighed) and my case with own clothes and a few Gambian clothes (not weighed). This is a work in progress.

Christmas preparations are nearly complete, chicken crown in freezer, crib and decorations up, holly cross been put on grave, dD’s anniversary mass requested and mass in for Maggie button. Phone contact with 🇮🇪 Ireland. Put new red curtains up in living room and housework ongoing. All friends meet ups complete apart from Muriel tomorrow, Julie Sunday and Joan to sort. Ray (brother) coming home from his 🚴🏽‍♀️ cycling trip tomorrow and going to London at weekend for a few days.

On an emotional level the loss of mum remains especially at this time of year. My visits to Dr Wu for acupuncture and massage have proved beneficial. Recent dealings with two friends in particular have proved difficult but since they are not part of my life at present I am finding things easier. Visits to see my counsellor has assisted me in talking through my feelings. My Gambian sweetheart Eddie remains a constant along with Ray. Due to recent communication problems with poor electricity supply and currently problems with his phone I was beginning to think things were amiss, however via text from his friend’s phone we have sorted a few things regarding how we communicate on a personal level. Could Eddie and I be vulnerable people also?

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