Mandalas and labyrinths

This text was to accompany my last post but since ‘upgrading’ recently it seems I cannot incorporate pics with text. I am sure after a lot of headwork I will do it.

I have only discovered recently that photos help me to tell a story. After struggling to write a memoir of my Gambian trip last year I found by printing off my pics, sticking them in a sscrapbook

8 thoughts on “Mandalas and labyrinths

  1. Your site is looking good, I was just the same when I started my site it really was trial and error getting everything to work together 😳

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    1. Seemed to be going ok & something came up somewhere from word press. I clicked on a link & next thing £89 for 12 months premium which I was already on, paid £69 in June. Felt a little …… off as not self explanatory, felt hood winked! Can’t afford really & like to make my own informed choices.


      1. I think if you contact them and explain they will give you a refund. Try it 😊

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      2. That seems obvious Elaine but assumed once linked in to word press they would have my account details to hand although the whole payment process was initiated by one click. Sounds like they should go on a web site management course. Will try & see if refund process is as quick as ‘new’ plan was.

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      3. I once created another site and did not like it, they refunded my money, no problem. I think you have so long to try it out. 😉 I always spoke to them through the online chat through the engineers page.

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      4. Thanks Elaine,
        I have e mailed re my account query and am awaiting reply from ‘happy’ team who are to reply 24-48hours. 🙂

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