Hello March

Taken from ‘Mouth & Footpainting’ artists calendar.

Goodbye snow
Only done a little of knitting but will keep it up.
Chose a different knitting pattern, not yet started on sweater but fingers crossed.
Sewed elastic to make a new waistband in Harris tweed skirt bought in charity shop last year.
Discovered a recipe for porridge bread using 500 ml tub of yoghurt, fill yoghurt tubs twice with porridge, add sodium bicarbonate 1 tsp& 1 cup mixed seeds with walnuts if preferred. Bake in 2lb greased & greaseproof papered loaf tin for 50 ish mins, turn over for last 10 mins to complete baking. Take out of tin, remove paper & wrap in clean tea towel.Recipe says draw line down middle but I make a cross as my late irish aunt did when making bread.
Nails grown Abit since here. Using 24 hour hand cream. Bought this nail polish in £ shop & kept on for a few days. Would have lasted longer if I had left it on. The silver ring on my little finger is an Irish claddagh ring bought on e bay. On arrival by post had a Chinese postage stamp. I lost my gold one in the shower st the gym in days when gym was a regular practice. The gold one was part of a leaving present when I left my Health Visiting job in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland to return home to England.
Sorry, don’t know who the author of this quote is.

4 thoughts on “Hello March

  1. Love your rings..and your bread looks yummy. I used to bake a lot. Since Jims death I haven’t bothered, though watching The Great British Bake Off has me wanting to start again 😊

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    1. Thank you Linda. Just freeing myself up (lingering bug helped) from draining people commitments has enabled me to explore my creative side 🙂

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      1. Sometimes we have to spend time in solitude, looking inward and ‘just being’ in order to rejuvenate ourselves.


  2. Yes Linda, at times easier than others as all this is relatively new to me. I used to work as a Health Visitor with a caseload of around 200 families with children under 5 years. I really loved the job but of course it was a job where you gave alot of yourself and suseptible to burn out. Before Christmas I had early warning signs of stress with palpitations as a result really of accruing an unofficial caseload. I saw the doc and he advised me to treat myself as my caseload and I followed his orders but it has been a huge learning curve as was setting out with a Health Visitor caseload.


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