🇬🇲 54th Gambian Independence Day 19th February & a slice of carrot cake

Today on Gambian Independence Day I am sat in my local Costa coffee remembering this time last year when I was in the second month of my four month Gambian trip. The above photos of Nday on the left and Awa on the right with me in the middle is taken on my last morning visit to Kairaba cafe attached to Kairaba Hotel in the main tourist area Senegambia Strip.

Today I am drinking ‘black’ Americano, which by definition Is black requires further elaboration and interpretation by the staff who change more frequently than I change parts of my clothing. The recent question whether you are staying in seems to have stopped which maybe due to online feedback. (Not from me as I definitely don’t bother with that, the request for which appeared after registering on line). How I was ‘bullied’ in quite an aggressive manner into getting a new Costa card which required me to register online is another story. Lesson for the future, rather than doing something just to prove I am not behind the times, just leave it and decline to accept the offer. I did think before all this carry on that ‘coffee to go’ I.e taking your coffee, out never to return, sufficed and I was up to speed with cafe speak. There are however several variations on the cup theme. ‘Real’ cups can be taken inside or outside, have to be taken outside when smoking or sitting in the sun. Paper cups can be used in or out however far you are going. I didn’t anticipate writing about the intricacities and maybe eccentricities of having a leisurely morning coffee but by writing about it I realise now why I don’t frequent this cafe as much as I did when first retiring in 2010.

In 2010 when I was caring for mum I started my day at much the same time as my working day which my body clock had become used to and being a morning person I viewed it as the most important part of my day. I have continued with this routine as I did when in The Gambia. In 2010 invariably At my Costa visit I indulged in their yumee carrot cake which I gradually weaning myself off . The item was taken off the menu for a while reappearing from time to time. Today whilst eating carrot cake again It transports me back to 2010.
After my ‘conversation’ with the female barista (waitress) I stopped frequenting the cafe for a while. Whilst I was staying in when I had my recent cold virus the cafe underwent a small refurbishment. The other week I visited to find a much brighter looking room whose brightness unfortunately didn’t radiate to the staff. There had been an addition of two large yellow armchairs at the window. The cafe was nearly empty so I was able to sit there and watch the world go by. The seats well compensated for anything else about the place as it was just a one off visit.

Today the carrot cake tastes just as delicious and I even paid for the coffee and cake with my points. No matter how many points I accumulate and am able to use can ever measure up to Kairaba cafe experience with the lovely Nday and Awa.
Gambian flag outside Senegambia Hotel taken on last morning of my trip.
My Kairaba cup of double espresso which required no elaboration or interpretation by me to Nday or Awa. I had a seperate tin pot of hot water to top up. I often indulged in their yumee hot cheese and ham croissants served with 💕 love

10 thoughts on “🇬🇲 54th Gambian Independence Day 19th February & a slice of carrot cake

  1. What is it that draws you towards Gambia Margaret, I would love to know your story.

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    1. What did you think of this post?

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      1. I found it quite sad because I believe you are yearning for something from your past!

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      2. I hope I’ve not said anything out of turn 🥰

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      3. Good 🌹 sometimes I can be a bit outspoken with my theories 🌹

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      4. It’s ok Elaine & I have broad shoulders

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