Back into the woods

What a relief to touch base with nature again. Not visited the nearby park since 17th December before the onset of the dreaded β€˜lurgy’.

The birds were singing and the sky was blue at 10 a.m. There were few people about and one or two dogs and owners. It felt so refreshing to really touch base with nature and perhaps myself.
The sunshine was amazing and I just heard on the news that today’s temperature in u.k is highest for February since records began.
Just checked steps done on phone app records 7,688 so that is an added bonus. The forecast is sunny for the next few days so I will be out again all being well.
Interesting to see the contrasts
The daffodils are here ooooh!
Lovely to see signs of new growth
Nice to see seasons converge. pic taken before Christmas of holly bush and now seen amongst new growth.
Leaves still hanging on from autumn
Looks interesting, don’t remember this tree
I love this pic
Thought these were birds nests at first but seem to be dead leaves?


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