Winter inside and outside

Sorry, photos wrong way round. Bought these red carnations, 50pence for 2 bunches from our local market on 31st January
Snow has gone and stayed in for a week to give cold virus chance to resolve
Bedsocks and comfort
EVENTUALLY started to treat symptoms apart from extra water, nourishing food and rest.
Not been up to meeting friends until today and invited β€˜easy’ friend for coffee and lunch. Friend brought this beautiful flowering cactus, memories of Gambia
Last day for carnations
Can hear the birds singing through the morning open window
New butterfly curtains put up.
Ordered online and mixed my measurements so not floor length, however I think they look o.k as the ceiling is not high.
First day out for a week and drove 3 mile journey by car to mum and dad’s grave taking outdoor plant from here. Not driven for a month since attending funeral of family friend and brother’s primary school teacher.
Rearranged plants.


  1. What a bargain those carnations were 😳. I loved that cactus too, I would think that your friend was pleased.

    I bet you enjoyed getting out in your car again 😊. Your flat looks very cozy, I’m surprised you need those very fetching bed socks πŸ˜‰ Oh and I love those new butterfly curtains πŸŒΉπŸ˜‡

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  2. lovely ambient lighting Margaret and those flowers lovely.. I love indoor flowers, they brighten us up.. I got some carnations and chrysanthemums on Valentines lol . Do you put a drop of lemonade in your vase to help keep them longer.. I always add about a tenth to the vase.. It acts like the flower sachets which we often don’t get in some bunches..
    Loved your curtains too..
    You look to be keeping snug and warm in your socks and lovely fire.
    Take care Margaret.
    Much LOVE ❀

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