An angel fridge magnet given to me by a friend and ex colleague on my retirement. Just re-read the words and certainly they are true.

Managing is a word good Gambian friends use sometimes when asking how they are. I feel it is a word that I identify with at times also, however it is not a word I use. Maybe I should start doing so.


  1. The harder the journey the stronger we become. Love that magnet, I’ve just ordered myself a silver necklace with an angel wing attached. I always tend to wear necklaces with angels on until I feel they have suffered enough πŸ˜‰ then I change. I was wearing my mums cross and chain but it upsets me at the moment πŸ˜‡ No doubt in time I will start wearing it 😊

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    1. What a lovely idea Elaine.
      I remember after mum died I wore her wedding ring for a few days & one night I lost it. Think in my sleep I had pulled it off. Freaked me out Abit & it is in a special box now.
      Funny today Elaine I ordered an Irish claddagh ring on e bay. (Tell you claddagh ring story sgsin). Today arrived with Chinese franking.


      1. I only heard of it from a friend a couple of years ago now and st the time I thought it sounded O.T.T. But now i suppose as I have developed personally I use the term more often πŸ™‚

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  2. For some reason this is the third time lucky in getting this message to post lol.. the first I typed by mistake in your search box lol, the second I pressed something on my keyboard that deleted half the comment.. so here goes third time lucky.

    I love the magnet and the saying.. I think all of us are managing the best we can with what we have, Some manage better than others, for sure.. but so long as we keep smiling .. and doing the best we are able..

    Much love Margaret.. Take care.. ❀

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    1. I have noticed word press has a silly time on fridays much like our computers at work when we needed to input our daily contacts. The i.t team were kept busy anyway.
      Yes Sue I usually smile and get by but at times I feel others think that I am able to take on board their problems when I ask them how they are in response to my β€˜fine’. ❀️

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      1. I think Margaret when we are empathic our listening ear often gets tweaked.. πŸ™‚ While we may have many issues just as they have, we prefer to say we are just fine.. πŸ™‚
        because that is how we are.. ❀ Much love your way ❀

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