Growth and re-growth 5th February 2019

Senecia OUTDOOR Angel plant bought about 10 th December 2017, 17 days before my 4 month Gambian trip and a month after starting my blog.
Angel plant photoctaken today

Taken INSIDE 28th October, one week after Disappointing Week’s break in nearby seaside town of Southport. With hindsight I was just touching base after my Gambian trip, my birthday & mum’s 3rd anniversary of her death when I upped sticks and tootled off elsewhere.

Relocated yet again and starting to wilt
Definitely wilting after a repotting attempt
Gradual introduction to outside by locating in cooler kitchen. Penny just dropped the plant’s rightful place is outside.

This pic taken when first placed outside (sorry, got mixed up there)

Today’s pic and this plant’s journey has really taught me to go with the flow and try not to go against nature. In my way I was trying to hold on to summer rather than going with the seasons.


      1. I had a break, then my internet connection was out for four days until engineers sorted out. so just going with the flow of it.. We catch up when we can, and never worry every about catching up with me.. We do what we do when we can.. Life and living comes first.. ❤ Much love Margaret. and thank you again

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