Welcome February, goodbye January – 1st February 2019

Can’t believe self care January has given, or I have given myself time to knit this turban hat (bottom right) started yesterday.
Back to where I left off yesterday and there will be some darting about now through January.


It is a wonderful thing
A Mother
other folks can love you but only
Your mother understands
She works for you, looks after you,loves you,forgives you anything you may do, understands you, and then the only thing bad she ever does to you is to die and leave you.
Author Unknown

Mum r.i.p. taught me to knit and it is strange how at the end of January I have made time to pick up and knit this wool which has been lying around for a while. I have knitted on and off throughout my life and have a large amount of olive green wool I bought to knit a sweater dress but I have decided to knit a sweater instead. Will keep you posted.
As you can see the pattern is an old one (6d) bought in Children’s Society charity shop. I quite liked the contrast of the plain top with the patterned bottom. Doesn’t look like the model’s own hand holding her left arm but maybe it is.
I have decided against a run through of my remaining January photos. The following two pics have just been taken.
It is snowing again and the black bags and bins are out for the refuse collection later today. I really feel for any workers having to get up and out and about in this weather especially driving related jobs. This view is taken from my kitchen window.
My Senecia Angel plant is thriving outside in it’s rightful place.
Couldn’t resist nipping outside to take a pic.


  1. Wonderful you are knitting Margaret, and I must be navigating your blog all wrong when I visit your site, as I had not seen these updates until I came back into my reader. Lovely choice of colour. and love the pattern..
    Hope you are keeping warm, its snowing here outside too at the moment, but nothing like what down south has been getting.. Which makes a change as we usually have more snow.
    Take care when out and about, very slippy .. ❤

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    1. Thank you,
      I get your notifications in my inbox. Path into town near Church cleared & town centre cleared last two days. One or two ify bits & I walked in soft snow bits as I dread falling.
      Trying to avoid the tv news as either snow or Brexit are the main topics. Prefer radio news alternating between radio 4 & world service. It seems snow has just been invented & perish the thought of children going to school. It is January February, seems surprise that it should snow. End of rant Sue. Thanks for your support. ⛄️🙂

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      1. Likewise with the News.. Sick of Brexit, totally..
        Lol about snow, we would have snow drifts up to the middle of our back doors in the village in Derbyshire where I grew up, and we ploughed our way to School, and the school toilets back then were outdoor, so we had to put wellies on to go to the loo. 😀 Its because those down south do not normally get snow fall on the scales they have.. And even if we have a small amount the roads and trains etc always come to a standstill. And sometimes its good to rant.. LOL ❤ HUGS


  2. My mum was a brilliant knitter too, it took me ages to learn to knit because I’m left handed. Mum taught both my daughters to knit when they were little 🥰 When we cleared mums house my sister had mums knitting bag and lots of old patterns like the one you had. Mum was especially good at knitting Arron jumpers and cardigans. Outside where you are looks lovely. Take care when your out and about. I’m a dedicated online shopper ☺️

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    1. I have stayed in today Elaine as no real need to risk life and limb. As the town is so near I have been having a daily short walk to the shops during this cold virus phase. I have benefited from the walk.
      We have a lovely Booths supermarket in town but the only danger I have recently noticed I buy more than I intended & carrying heavy bags severe on arms & shoulders. Maybe I am at the Sholley phase ! Booths don’t have an online service which is a pity as it is good quality produce.
      All food for thought, excuse the pun 🙂

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    1. I remember as a child the feeling of relaxation as I watched mum knit. Mum carried on till nearly the end just knitting scarves and squares. Perhaps one day I will post pics I took of her later knit articles. Hey, idea for future post Linda along with my knitting updates. Thanks for the inspiration. Perhaps I will repost my original Seneca angel plant post before I reported it 🙂

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