Endings and beginnings of self care

Month by month – January ‘Eating the Right Foods Mindfully’. Bought book after skim reading library book ordered after reading magazine article when in The Gambia. Certainly takes the pressure off trying to do all ‘good’ things at once. Looking forward to February ‘Managing Stress’. I have certainly benefited from ‘friends/contacts free’ time which the lingering cold virus really helped me to do. Having daily walk to local supermarket selling quality produce has assisted the mindful eating and thankfully I love cooking. Will keep you posted.

‘Call the Midwife’ tv programme
Gradual movement to outside via cool kitchen
Venturing outside to town after 3 days hibernation
£1 charity shop butterfly ring
Ring on top of new journal and pen

Need to care for hands, resumed hand cream use
Not started on nails yet
Really enjoyed this video, one of five bought in charity shop
Took decorations down 6th January, crumpled paper as only decided to take pic before putting in bin, sorry
Wasn’t sure what this pic was, bought booklet on my last trip for future use
Happy student nurse days, me back first left with my beautiful inside and out friend Ruth r.i.p next to me. Ruth died when she was 36yrs leaving four children, youngest twin girls aged 7 years.
First Gambian trip January 2012 with friend Charlotte.
Rearranged shelves with wireless already moved from bedroom. ‘Mother’ plaque was in mum’s first rented accommodation from previous tenant when she came to England. Landlord allowed mum to have it Asher mother died when she was 8yrs. Will share words another time. Maybe tomorrow when I come to the end of January.
This phone camera certainly been busy.


    1. Thanks Sue. I trained as a midwife after nurse training and it was more than useful in my Health Visiting practice. I can identify with a lot of the situations and I think it all the characters are great especially as they are based on a true story. The nurturing continues Sue 🙂

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