Gambian moons

Rose Elaine’s Blog ‘there’s something about the moon’ inspired this post. I am compiling a scrapbook of printed photos from my most recent Gambian trip and here are three photos of Gambian moons taken at various times during the four month period.

I will revisit this post with the dates the photos were taken as moons became one of the themes I documented in my written journal.

10 thoughts on “Gambian moons

  1. Great photos Margaret, I don’t know what it is with me, I seem obsessed with moons and angels 🙄

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    1. They always seem to pop up at the right time Elaine (moons). Still exploring angels.
      Remember time mum had heart attack a few years ago and of bourse I was worried, moreso at leaving her to the mercies of our local hospital. I had a chat with our previous priest & friend & he said ‘don’t worry, the angels will look after her’, they did & his comment was like someone lifting my spirits, perhaps he was the angel 😇

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      1. I went to my hairdressers the other day and was telling one of the girls who works there that I feel quite guilty that I feel so happy that mum has passed over away from pain. I feel only joy inside because I know without doubt that we shall meet again.

        The hairdressers told me that God had lifted me up! When mum was ill I prayed to God for him to take mum saying she was precious to me and I wanted him to have her with him, my father and her family. It makes sense 😇

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      2. Yes Elaine I suppose. Our three week hospital experience with mum was more than traumatic. I will tell you another time about it.
        Mum’s mum died when she was 8 in Ireland. When mum came with dad after marriage to England she brought with her a small figure of Virgin Mary which lights up in the dark.
        In later years she felt reassured to look at it at bedtime (may have been doing that for years).
        I now look at it at night and feel mum’s reassuring presence.

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      3. I will be pleased when her funeral is over on Monday. She wouldn’t want us to feel sad. Now I’m going back to bed 🙂

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      4. Aw, I am sure you will Elaine. Prolongs grieving process I think. Fortunately mum was buried 6 days after her death and dad 3 days.
        Thinking of you.
        I am going to a funeral on Monday at 11, family friend & brothers ex teacher. Patricia died 21 Dec & holiday period delayed things. I have found this hard so can not begin to guess how hard for you 👼.
        I have afternoon nap these days

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      5. Hairdressers are great folks aren’t they. Just thought now the angels must have sent my current one who hails from co Sligo next county to mum’s Donegal home. He knows you thinking as mum would say. Small world his niece is my cousin on dad’s side’s best friend.

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  2. Why are we awake in the night again 🙄 😊

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    1. 🙂 my routine like this Elaine at mo. Bed 9 ish n wake 4. Do my thinking etc this time as am a morning person. Moreso since having this lingering cold virus. Going to make coffee now (treat). What’s your story?.

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  3. Reblogged this on You are free to fly 🦅 and commented:

    Today while decluttering my drawers I found a printed photograph which somehow I mislaid on completion of my scrapbook of my third Gambian moon taken 24th April 2018.


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