7th January- Creative corner relocation

For over a year now I have not been happy with my bright idea of making a creative corner in my bedroom. Due to limited apartment space this seemed the perfect space at the time. I thought I would use the area as a work station and placed all my journals in my dressing table drawers and my art, knitting and sewing materials in a tiered stand. The idea was to sit in the middle space of the dressing table and carry out any creative work I fancied.

This idea lasted a short while until I gradually transferred my creative practice to the living room where I feel most comfortable. We have an adjoining dining area in the living room where the dining room table lent itself to sewing and small amount of artwork activities.

Today I have transferred my journals from my dressing table drawers to the

Hall cupboard. (Don’t know what happening here re typing format).

My bedroom will now be a safe haven.


  1. I too live in an apartment and although it has two bedrooms one of which is currently filled with my husbands left over shop things, the tumble dryer and exercise bike, which I need to start using again.

    I prefer to do my artwork sat in the corner of my lounge. We too are open plan so there is a spot I could use before the kitchen on our small dining table but it doesn’t feel right. For creativity to happen one has to feel comfortable πŸ˜‰

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    1. Happy new year Elaine and hope you are well. Not been an easy time for you.
      Good to hear someone else’s second bedroom is used for storage.
      This is my plan Elaine and apart from journaling, blogging, cooking & reading other activities haven’t had a look in. Perhaps my new surroundings will facilitate this process πŸ™‚πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨

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  2. I can quite relate with the space constraint issue ‘cos I’m in the same boat. It’s one of my dreams that one day I’ll have a proper and ample space for my creative corner. At the moment, my dining table and bedroom will suffice πŸ˜‰

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