Afternoon of twelfth night 5th January 2019

Just home from filling up my petrol tank which started to run on empty on Christmas Day on our way home from church when no garages were open. I suppose in many ways I have been running on empty also with a lingering cold virus which followed a ‘buzzing’ time meeting other’s needs in various ways and feeling sad about mum who is no longer with us.

This year there has been more a sense of hanging on to traditions held when mum & dad were alive and perhaps it is now time to revisit some of them. Turkey definitely came off the list as we decided none of us really liked it and I am seriously thinking about either stopping or reducing my Christmas card distribution which involved a lot of time & effort posting air mail to Republic of Ireland, other parts of u.k and walking to distribute neighbours cards. The whole process seemed to take a lot out of me. Gifts aren’t the same problem as I only have a small circle to give to.

Earlier today I put my wilting senecio angel wings plant outside which is really it’s rightful place. I had brought the plant inside to protect against the winter frost but I think I was really trying to hang on to summer. Like me the temporary fragility is now almost over and it is time to hit the ground running.

Tomorrow I will take all the Christmas decorations down and damp dust and polish. I will continue my decluttering process throughout self care January as outlined in Brigid Gallagher’s post in ‘Watching the Daisies’.

January will be a time of retreating, regenerating, resetting and rebirthing in order to refresh and renew.

Happy, peaceful & healthy 2019 to all.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan Margaret!! I’m starting to let go of the traditions that Jim and I adhered to as I go into 2019…not all the way, mind you, but I am approaching this year making up my own..which I guess I have been more or less anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will always celebrate him and our memories while making new ones if that makes any sense?!?!?

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  2. I hope you feel better Margaret. I like it when you said – January will be a time of retreating, regenerating, resetting and rebirthing in order to refresh and renew. – The same for me. 🙂

    May we all start fresh this year. Happy 2019 to you and your family, Margaret!

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