Happy new year 1.1.2019 Refresh and Renew

Seemed to be wracking my brains to decide how to greet the new year having decided on some self care for the month of January. This seemed to be proving an onerous task of to do lists and reflections.

I have just read my Boxing Day post which already refers to my drooping angel plant as an analogy of me. I bought this winter plant last year at the end of November and it was outside. I was away in The Gambia until the end of April during a very severe U.K. winter leaving my brother in charge of my apartment. The plant remained outside and thrived. When I brought all my outside plants inside for the winter to protect against frost I think my prime motivation was to hold on to summer as outlined in my post at the time. My angel plant initially adapted quite well to it’s new surroundings but gradually started to droop and lean. The recent repotting has helped the lean but not the droop. My aim is to gradually return it to outside which is it’s rightful place and is at present in the cooler kitchen environment until I feel it can brave the cold.

I will revisit this post to reflect on what lessons I can learn from my angel plant.

I will leave with my lovely Irish blessing which thoughts reflect my wish for you all in 2019

1 thought on “Happy new year 1.1.2019 Refresh and Renew

  1. Reblogged this on You are free to fly 🦅 and commented:

    Post by Lauren McKay today on Growth in relation to planes prompted me to revisit the journey of my Senecia Angel plant. As always I seem to be struggling with techno problems here even though I have pressed the block editor option (no response). As persistence is my middle name I will use this to my advantage hopefully. A later post will follow and at some stage I will incorporate the two with further reflections regarding my personal growth.


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