Holding on and letting go

A sense of holding on to memories of mum and, although shed statues to be taken to Lourdes charity shop, the vivid memories remain.

The changing landscape of the nearby park echoes this transformation.


  1. They are so beautiful Margaret, I know you know I feel right now and I long for it to be all over, for her to find peace. Then I can l let go of some of the pain I’m feeling inside. I know 100% that mum would not want me to hold onto to pain. I say over and over she is 87, she has had a great life, she wasn’t meant to go peacefully in her sleep, when the time is right she will go. So many others have gone through this nightmare. Now is the time for you to smile and remember the good times just as I am sure your mum would have wanted you to. 🌹

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    1. Yes Elaine,
      Those last three weeks mum spent in hospital were indescribable.
      After mum being such an independent & hard working widow of 40 years & I had cared for her in latter years made it all the more so.
      Thoughts are with you at this difficult time 🤗

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  2. I’ve heard that daughters never get over losing their mothers Margaret and I can understand that now. I know my mum would be so cross with me if I kept mourning her passing. When my dad passed nine years ago last July I was upset for years and she told me off because she said , loved ones can’t rest in peace if we are crying for them! My sister told me last week that my mum had told her that she had cried every day for a year after dad passed. 🌹 I strongly believe that we are reunited eventually and until then we have to keep going 😊

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    1. Mum and dad have been to Lourdes, dad after illness with Archdiocesan pilgrimage 1969 & mum also with a local group 11 years later in thanksgiving.
      Mum & I have been to knock, a pilgrimage shrine in Ireland in 1979 when Pope John Paul second visited. That is where the holy water is from but brought on another occasion by a friend.
      In 1988 mum, my brother & I went to Fatima with a local group.
      I went with a friend to Lourdes 2,000 & 2,001 with local groups following illness.

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