Touching base

This is my heaven which is a mixture of mine & mum’s statues and figures.

A recent post on decluttering on Brigid Gallagher’s blog ‘Watching the Daisies’ came just at the right time to help me decide what to do with mum’s r.i.p array of statues. A recommended ritual of burying them did not appeal. I have put some aside to take to a local Lourdes charity shop after recently taking them out of storage. Initially I put them on my dressing table under my window. Overall this was not ideal and their placement looked an after thought and somehow I felt claustrophobic.

Last week I arranged them on my bedside table in from of an old ‘50’s wireless I hope to restore as this was the only space available.

Just now I decided to place a white cover over the radio and put the figures on top. Each figure holds memories for me and I think the display looks quite effective. More importantly I think mum would be happy to know I decided against burying them.

Generally I always think the state of my room reflects my state of mind. Both works in progress.


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