Working it out

Really do want to post  new items using my  I phone with my OWN photos like I used to be able to do up until recently.  I don’t want to share with pixcel for use by others so unfortunately my future posts will be without photos. I do not recall being notified by word press that I had used my maximum number of free photos.


5 thoughts on “Working it out

  1. Have you checked in Media on your dashboard to see if you HAVE used all your space? I’ve posted tons of pictures since I started my blog in 2016 and I’m only at 23.3% of m storage space.


    1. Thank you Cheryl, will take a look but seems a strange way of working to me.


    2. Thank you Cheryl,
      Looks like I have option to use my own just confusing when stopped being able to do so on drop down menu previously used 🙂


  2. Yes – WP always shows how much picture space is available … I never use from phone directly – download to PC and then to WP. That way I can clearly see if the image is blurry or not …


    1. Thanks Luda,
      Will investigate 🙂

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