New beginnings

Try, try and try again. Somehow I lost the original post via another route but things have changed slightly which puts things into context I suppose.

At my last post I had started a new journal with a purple cover which somehow denoted the start of further personal reflection at a spiritual level. My previous journal had ended on 20th August, the third anniversary of my mum’s death which was another milestone in my journey. I rearranged all my journals to incorporate the different time frames and geographical locations which i felt gave me a sense of continuity since 2005 when I first started journalling, however I managed to trap the new purple one at the back of my desk drawer. Somehow since then I have felt stuck again as I cannot retrieve it from the back and have not felt like journalling in another book. This event has come at a time when I generally feel unsure about my future as does my brother especially since his recent injury. Mum’s anniversary somehow demands us both to re evaluate where we both want to live as our current arrangements haven’t really come about as a matter of choice.

I need to further explore this area and definitely my future contacts with Gambia.

5 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. I hope you are enjoying this quiet time. The answers will surely come…🌼

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    1. Only just worked out how to reach others comments on my posts, too busy focusing on other stuff 🙂


    2. Hi Brigid,
      Hope you are well.
      Not sure if I wished you happy new year so sending best wishes anyway.
      Just realised you ‘off’ till 16th so thanks for reading my comment.
      I bought a new light blue (healing) covered journal on 23rd November and today have treated myself to a nice purple Parker pen in sale (£7.99).
      My trip to seaside in October seemed to interrupt my flow but regular park walks got me on track.
      Now having a self care January to recover from, as we used to say in Health Visiting’, tryingvto be all things to all men. Hope to visit Donegal in June & A Rossnowlagh visit will be the perfect tonic.

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  2. Thank you for comment Brigid. I am making the best of the last days of summer. I am happy to embrace autumn which is one of my favourite seasons of the year after spring. I view this period as a chance to rejuvenate and reflect and am proposing taking an autumn break preferably by the sea.
    Take care and well done with your recent award nomination.


    1. P.s realise Brigid I already commented !!


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