Feeling stuck

Head been all over the place recently which is like a vicious circle I suppose, infrequent journaling due to ‘busyness’ hence inability to really move forward wherever forward is.

Prompt for this posting came from ‘Impromptu Promptings’ sandbox challenge tag on journaling. Can’t retrieve the posting now but there is a reference to entering the labyrinth. When I was journaling daily on my four month trip to The Gambia I had brought a copy of a finger prayer labyrinth with me. During my stay I practiced using it on several occasions and found it quite cathartic as was my daily journaling practice continued from home.

Since my return, as well as trying to reflect on recent events, in a way I have tried to pick up from where I left off which Β perhaps also reflects where I am at at present. I cannot go back to the end of December, things have changed and so have I.

14 thoughts on “Feeling stuck

  1. Its good to share. Take care. 🌼

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    1. Thank you Brigid, not posted anything for a while. Hopefully something a little more newsworthy next time πŸ–

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  2. Margaret, everything you feel and post is newsworthy because it is what you find along your pilgrim journey. You never know when one little thing is going to light a huge torch upon your path. Please don’t devalue yourself and your experiences. Think of them as your own persona labyrinth to explore. πŸ˜‰ Most of my biggest moments of enlightenment have come from small things. That has been surprising. I finally went and bought some stickers of keys to put next to them in my journal so I could easily find them. The little girl in me has had a ball decorating her journals with all kinds of stickers! LOL

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    1. Happy Christmas & a peaceful new year. Somehow I missed this comment all those months back. I can really see now what you mean by most enlightening moments being sparked by small things.
      My blog postings have certainly helped me review 2018.
      Hope you are feeling better in yourself & take care.
      Key stickers sound a good idea.

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      1. Seems, like Linda, I missed this post, too!

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  3. Reblogged this on Vulnerability and commented:

    Just thought the addition of the labyrinth gives pictorial meaning to my experience


  4. I dont know how I missed this posts…the pic of the labyrinth grabbed me….and when you mentioned finger prayer labyrinth I had to look it up…how cool. I’m getting ready to go to a writers weekend retreat at a prayer center a few hours from me…there is a labyrinth on the grounds and I’m especially excited to be able to finally walk one!

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    1. Aw, Linda I am sure you are looking forward to it. I picked up the finger labyrinth at ablovely seaside place in Wales, St Augustine’s house of prayer . The priest from the village where we used to live and who is still working aged 91yrs goes on his annual holiday now that he is not able to travel to Ireland. By chance I collected a leaflet from church & a friend & I visited for the weekend. We didn’t go on a formal retreat just for a break whilst I was caring for mum r.i.p. The outside labyrinth was lovely.
      Somehow the place is calling me again. I have been thinking about it lately, perhaps visit before the winter.
      Take care & enjoy your experience Linda πŸ’πŸ»

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      1. P.s yesterday rejigged my blog so that could explain why you missed the original posting & I added the labyrinth pic yesterday


      2. Listen to that calling Margaret!!! and Thank you!!!

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  5. My pleasure Linda & will consider another visit.


  6. Wow,
    Great to pick up this thread again re meeting and owning your vulnerability. The labyrinth link also.
    Topics for further exploration.
    Thank you .


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