28 April Hellos and Goodbyes

My last day in the smiling coast of Africa. Four months has been a long time since I left behind my brother, Christmas, multitude of people and commitments, difficult practical trip preparations and a feeling that things could be amiss in the relationship with my Gambian partner.

One of the tour operators is called Gambia Experience. People,bothtourists and locals use those words when describing time spent in The Gambia.

Four months is a long time for me to be away from home alone (longest stayed here was three months last year) but, although I have spent nearly three of those four months living alone I haven’t felt alone.

My gut feeling before I came about things being amiss proved right due to cultural expectations. I don’t feel this is the right platform for further explanations.

Continuing my daily routine I.e timeline, journaling practice, photography, sanctuary of open tree and wildlife including monkeys, sea and sand, wats app and Facebook support of three particular friends and of course my special brother and the special Gambian people have all contributed to helping me during this period.

Both the inner strength, willpower and courage has helped me and my partner overcome our vulnerabilities during this time.

Leaving my third home (u.k first, Ireland second) will be quite different for me this time and I feel moreso I will be leaving a big part of me behind.



  1. Reblogged this on Vulnerability and commented:

    So many memories of my four months stay. This is the lovely gelateria girls Awa and Ndey serving yumee croissants and coffee, gelateria situated on the Senegambia Strip which is the main tourist area.where I wvisited every morning and where I enjoyed the daily gayer.


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